Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Introduction of bio digester system of sewage management to replace traditional septic tank method of sewage management system. A bio-digester is a waste and sewerage management and treatment system based on biodegrading processes. A bio-digester breaks down organic waste matter into carbon dioxide, methane gas, and water. The bacteria in the tank feeds on the effluent, and transforms it to water and gas. The decomposition process takes about two weeks.

The methane gas produced is otherwise known as Biogas. It is possible to harness the gas from large bio-digesters and use it for cooking, however in most cases the gas is released to the atmosphere. After the water treatment is complete, it leaves through the outlet for recycling, or left to soak into the soil. The water is very rich in nitrogen and is therefore great for irrigation purposes. It can also be used for flushing the toilets. However, the water is not safe for human or animal consumption without further treatment.

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